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About Senegal's radio stations

Senegal is a West African country with more than 15 million inhabitants and whose capital is Dakar. The first radio station to appear in Senegal is Radio Dakar, its creation dates back to the 1950s. Then, two other radio stations were created: Dakar Inter and Dakar Afrique. The evolution of radio in Senegal continues to this day, and new radios are still being created, thus satisfying the different tastes of radio amateurs. In Senegal there is still a lot of French influence and this has been reflected in its radial culture. Thanks to this, Senegal is one of the first countries in this region of Africa to develop an advanced radio network.

Music Stations

Zik FM (Dakar: 89.7 FM): Zik FM is a Senegalese radio station that is popular for its world music programs. Stream 24 hours a day with many popular songs of world music. Zik FM has some of the exciting playlists with many popular music genres. Zika seeks to be one of the most popular radios among young people by taking into account their requests when transmitting its musical repertoire.

Vibe Radio (Dakar: 102.3 FM): Vibe Radio is one of the most popular music stations in Senegal by the youth audience. Among its musical list we can find the newest hits of pop, hip-hop, R&B, techno and urban genres. Vibe is particularly known for introducing new African artists who want to emerge on the music scene. In its programming there are many segments intended to offer spaces to new musicians of all styles to be discovered by a new audience. Many consecrated artists in Senegal and Africa had their beginnings in Vibe.

News Stations

Sud FM (Dakar: 98.5 FM): Sud is the number one news station in Senegal. Citizens prefer it because they consider it the most reliable source of information in all media. Its popularity is thanks to its team of announcers and announcers, composed of the most respected journalists in the country. Sud covers all topics in news, sports, economics, health, education. etc. Its signal is not interrupted 24 hours a day in order to keep all your listeners informed.

iRadio (Dakar: 90.3 FM): Beyond its duty to disseminate information, it tries to be innovative in the production of radio content. Its programming is based on covering the most relevant events that take place nationally and internationally. The surveys have revealed that their audience is mainly older adults, between 25 and 42 years. iRadio has become over the years one of the news sources preferred by Senegalese citizens.

Other Popular Stations

Walf FM (Dakar: 99.0 FM): Walf began as a small station that broadcast from Alfred University in Dakar and evolved into one of the most listened to stations currently. Its programming varies between news, talk and entertainment segments. In addition, Walf strives to offer the best hits of the moment and classics of all time. This station is a great option to tune at any time of day, as it has something to offer for listeners of all ages.