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About Honduras's radio stations

At the north of Central America we can find Honduras. A small country but that gives a lot to talk about. Radio in Honduras, despite having started quickly in times where only a few countries were beginning to experiment with radio, had a slow advance in its early stages. The first stations fulfilled specific functions and at certain times, which meant that the number of stations could not grow exponentially at first. Despite this, the radio managed to make its way in the country and progress continuously until it reaches what it is today, a means of entertainment in information that all Hondurans enjoy and that has not declined. The capital of the country is Tegucigalpa and is inhabited by 9.5 million people.

News Stations

Radio HRN (Tegucigalpa: 92.9 FM): Known as The Voice of Honduras, it is a Honduran broadcaster specializing in general news. Its opinion and news programs can be audible from Tegucigalpa to the whole country. HRN is founded with the aim of truthfully informing all of its radio listeners, with national and international news that give an account of the political, social, sports landscape of the entertainment world. The most recognized journalists in Honduras have their spaces in HRN.

Radio América (Tegucigalpa: 94.7 FM): “The Informative Voice of the People”, is a Honduran station that transmits news of all kinds both nationally and internationally, being among the most tuned stations in Honduras. This has been transmitting since its inception in 1948, since when it has been able to lay strong foundations until it becomes among the highest quality and presence stations. Radio América is broadly composed of informational segments, in which all kinds of news are transmitted, such as sports news, about the technological world, of health issues, about world entertainment events and of varied genres about what happens in all the world.

Music Stations

Power FM (Tegucipalpa: 90.1 FM): Power FM claims to be a pride for Hondurans and the most important music station in the whole country, and the truth is that it is among the most tuned and the content it provides is always of the best quality. Its programming focuses on the dissemination of music content 24 hours a day, sharing music from the most listened genres, such as salsa, bachata, merengue and urban music.

Suave FM (Tegucigalpa: 102.5 FM): Its wide and diverse musical repertoire is the most attractive feature of this radio station, without preventing it from reserving airtime for the informant and community assistance. Pleasing its listeners since its opening with the music they prefer from the most popular artists today.

Radio Activa (Tegucigalpa: 99.7 FM): Broadcaster that broadcasts the music that young people like most, such as urban music, hip hop, reggaeton, electronic music, as well as current news. Aimed at the youth audience with a preference for urban-style musical styles, between hip hop and electronic music styles, there are also news and information spaces of common interest. News from the entertainment world, including the seventh art, video games, technologies, sports and music, among other things can be found in the usual programming in Activa.