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About Cameroon's radio stations

Cameroon is a country located in central Africa, its capital is Yaoundé and its most populous city is Douala. Its population is made up of 25 million, with English-speaking  and French-speaking regions. The history of radio in Cameroon dates back to 1941, during World War II. Then, the evolution of the radios continued and France created new provincial radios in Yaounde and Garoua. It was not until 1960 that Cameroon gained its independence and severed ties with France, thus beginning to nationalize its transmission. From that Cameroon has created its own radio culture away from foreign influences and getting closer to its roots.

News Stations

CRTV Radio (Yaoundé: 93.5 FM): CRTV is the most important radio and television network in Cameroon, founded in 1987 by the government and has been publicly owned since then. Broadcasting in both English and French, CRTV is the main source of information for Cameroonians, offering the latest news of major national and international events. You can also find political and social analysis, speech and entertainment spaces. Its programming both on radio and on television has aimed to keep its audience informed at all times.

Sky One Radio (Yaoundé: 104.5 FM): This station broadcast the most relevant news of the moment from the capital of Cameroon. Although it is categorized as an informative and talk station, in Sky One there are spaces for music and the most listened to hits of the moment. Its music lists are highly acclaimed and serve as a distraction between the news segments. Sky One is ideal for the audience that wants to be aware of the events as well as the global and local musician.

Music Stations

Amplitude FM (Yaoundé: 103.3 FM): Amplitude is the most particular music station of Cameroon, as the name implies, it offers a wide variety of musical genres. The Amplitude hosts always seek to refresh their music listings with new themes, artists and styles from around the world, although always offering spaces for locally produced music. In this station you will find songs that you have never heard before, bands and genres that you didn't even know existed, that is how different the Amplitude programming is.

Other Popular Stations

Radio Balafon (Douala: 90.2 FM): “The station that listens to you” is the slogan of Balafon, a very varied station to define in a single genre. In Balafon there is everything: current and classic musical tops from past decades, news in information, spoken and opinion programs and the best entertainment segments. This station has become popular for always trying to carry the information in a different and entertaining way in order to reach all audiences.