Top Radio Stations in Spain

Radio Spain

The Spanish-speaking Radio could not be born in another place than in Spain. The first radio broadcast records date back to 1923. It has evolved quite a lot since then, and it currently has a programming that other countries may come to envy. Being located in Europe, it has the best of the culture of the old continent, its musical presence and its political and social environment. But it also hosts the best of Latin music, hits in Spanish and American pop culture. It's as if it was on both continents at the same time and brings together the best of both worlds, creating a quite unique offer for listeners.

Religious Stations

Cadena Cope (Madrid: 106.3 FM, Barcelona: 102.0 FM, Sevilla: 99.6 FM): station founded in 1979 by members of the Episcopal Conference and other religious entities. It covers regional and international religious festivities. Its strength is the programming of Sundays and it is one of the most listened stations in Spain, its public is mostly older adults. However, its content also varies between entertainment and news during the week.

News Stations

Cadena Ser (Madrid: 105.4 FM, Barcelona: 96.9 FM, 103.2 FM): Starting its transmission in 1924, Ser is one of the oldest stations in the country. Competing among the most popular and respected news media in Spain, as it keeps its listeners informed of all national events and the most relevant news in Europe and the world. For many years, it has been the most listened station, besides covering the news, its programming is very varied.

Music Stations

Los 40 Principales (Madrid: 93.9 FM, Barcelona: 93.9 FM; Sevilla: 97.1 FM): The famous station Los 40. It was created in Spain and became the first musical radio station present in South America. Now it is one of the most popular and well-known networks in all Spanish-speaking countries. Its prestige is due to its current musical repertoire and the presence of the best bands, local and global artists.

Europa FM (Madrid: 91.0 FM, Barcelona: 94.9 FM, Sevilla: 89.2 FM): Its content is entirely musical based on the 90s to the present day, combined with entertainment programs. Here we can find the most popular announcers and favorite programs by young people and adults. Its popularity has led it to be heard in many other countries in Europe, because its programming has been highly acclaimed.

Cadena Dial (Madrid: 91.7 FM, Barcelona: 99.4 FM, Sevilla: 102.4 FM): Although the competition between music stations in Spain is at a high level, Dial is not far behind. They have won their space among the listeners' favorite choice, as it contains the best of pop music. The best and newest hits, the most relevant and requested artists, as well as programs that will keep you updated about the pop scene all over the world.

Other Popular Stations In The Country

Onda Cero (Madrid: 98.0 FM, Barcelona: 93.5 FM, 95.9 FM) We can find so many  different things by tuning Onda Cero that it would not be fair to keep it in only one category. News, music, opinion, the most popular entertainment programs among teenagers, spaces of culture and society, the most interesting political debates and comedy sections are just some of the many things that this station presents to us and surely you will not want to miss it.