Best Romanian Radio Stations

Radio Romania

Maybe we do not hear much about Romania very often. We may not be very sure that it is found in Eastern Europe or Western Europe, since it is right in the middle. What we can assure is that a relatively young country with almost 20 million inhabitants. As it shares a border with so many different countries and has been part of several kingdoms and unions that no longer exist, its idiosyncrasy has become very unique, and the Romanian identity is very characteristic. All this is clear to us in its artistic and audiovisual expressions, such as music, theater and, of course, on the radio.

Music Stations

Magic FM Romania (Bucharest: 90.8 FM, Cluj-Napoca: 89.4 FM): Broadcasts the best hits in a varied selection of genres. Pop, rock, hip-hop, folk music, you name it, Magic has it. The musical repertoire is based on the most requested songs by the audience, so the most trending groups will always be found in their programming. This has led it to become one of the most popular stations.

Radio Zu (Bucharest: 89.0 FM, Cluj-Napoca 89.8 FM, Timisoara: 95.0 FM): Zu also offers a list of the most popular songs currently playing, apart from satisfying the lovers of the classics. But this station is particularly known for giving space to the music produced in Romania. Romanian artists have the opportunity to release their projects and Zu gives them the chance to reach all radio listeners in the country.

Europa FM (Bucharest: 106.7 FM, Cluj-Napoca: 106.6 FM, Timisoara: 104.4 FM): If you have heard of Europa Fm before it is because it is one of the biggest and most known networks in Europe. It has a presence in almost all the countries of the continent and its excellent music and entertainment programming makes it one of the favorite stations for Romanians. The best regional and global hits can not be missed in their selection.

Kiss FM (Bucharest 96.1 FM, Chisinau: 100.9 FM): Its musical selection is separated from other radio stations as it focuses on the most innovative and alternative music, preparing an energetic set list for the younger audience. You will not find a programming like Kiss in another place, and once you get to know it, you will not want to let it go.

News Stations

Radio Romania Actualitati (Bucharest: 105.3 FM; Cluj-Napoca: 88.8 FM, Timisoara: 106.4 FM): This is not only one of the oldest stations, but it is one of the most prestigious and has already become one of the main sources of information for citizens due to its credibility and professionalism in journalism. Its objective is to offer the most relevant national news while maintaining the objectivity and certainty in its reports.

Other Popular Stations In The Country

ProFM (Bucharest: 102.8 FM, Cluj-Napoca 99.8 FM, Timisoara: 99.4 FM): The best entertainment programs, the most interesting opinion blocks and the most electrifying announcers and hosts are all gathered in one place, or rather, in the same tuning and that is ProFM. Its 24-hour programming is the most varied and unpredictable and that's why it's currently so immensely popular.