Best Radio Stations in Poland

Radio Polska

If we want to talk about Polish radio, we must first notice some things about this country, which has changed a lot throughout its history. It is among the ten largest countries in Europe, with more than 38 million inhabitants and Warsaw being its capital. Its territory has changed a lot, it was part of different empires for different centuries and it has close proximity to western and eastern Europe. That is why its radial culture can not be so easily encailed, because it is a mixture of many styles and essences.

Music Stations

Zlote Przeboje (Warsaw: 100.1 FM, Krakow: 92.5 FM): This is not your usual music station. Not only will you be able to listen to the biggest hits and the most recent releases, but you will also have the opportunity to listen to lesser-known artists and groups, some of them in the local scene. This makes its selection so unique and interesting, you can always discover new music for your repertoire. In addition, in its programming there are shows about musical history that you can not miss.

RMF Dance (Warsaw: 91.0 FM, Krakow: 96.0, Łódź: 93.5 FM): RMF is an uninterrupted transmission of Dance music, pop and great hits of the 90's. Its emission allows that during the 24 hours of the day we have within reach an ideal musical selection to animate parties and events, or simply to give a happy vibe to your home or your way home from work. Do not worry about just finding international music, as RMF also gives space to local artists, so you can learn more about the Polish scene.

Radio WAWA (Warsaw: 89.8 FM): WAWA Radio is the best place to find the best of modern music and pop culture. Its musical selection is directed mainly to the youngest audiences. In addition to the best hits, in its transmission there are entertainment news programs, entertainment shows and contemporary opinion. This station sets trends, as listeners always want to be aware of what is currently playing in WAWA.

Stations of Varied Content

Radio Zet (Warsaw: 107.5 FM, Krakow: 104.1 FM, Łódź: 92.6 FM): It is one of the oldest stations in Poland, and therefore one of the most popular. Zet's programming is extremely varied, it contains an excellent selection of music, morning programs with current national and international news, opinion programs, entertainment, sports and politics. Its signal is heard throughout the national territory, there is no city where Zet does not reach.

Tok FM (Warsaw: 97.4 FM): Tok is the first station format spoken in Warsaw, and has become a pioneer and icon of this modality. Interesting programs, opinion and news blocks make up Tok's programming. Here we will find the best debates, discussions, casual talks and all about the current affairs of the country, topics of interest and culture.

RMF Maxxx (Warsaw: 95.8 FM, Krakow: 96.7 FM): RMF Maxxx was established as a goal to be the favorite station for the younger generations. It began to broadcast only in 2004 and in a very short time it has won a palce among the most listened to and most popular ones. Its content is aimed at urban culture, alternative music and youth trends. Approaching audiences is very important for this station, and has achieved this through interactive programs and the participation of listeners.