Top Radio Stations in Peru

Radio Peru

Peru is a country that is slowly taking its culture to an increasingly larger global market. It is becoming a reference in music, television and cinema, reaching the level of its neighboring South American countries such as Argentina or Brazil. This has led to increased competition in the media, so every year we can find more and better options to choose from, as well as radio stations, this market has also grown significantly. You could say that Peru and its more than 32 million inhabitants were hermetically sealed, and now they have opened to the world so we can enjoy the great things that are produced there.

News Stations

RPP (Lima: 89.7 FM, Arequipa: 102.3 FM, Trujillo: 90.9 FM): RPP is, without a doubt, the number one radio in terms of news. It has a wide coverage that allows it to reach all corners of the country taking complete information to all Peruvians with news of sports, politics, economy, health and entertainment. In this station you will also find live programs that are preferred by Peruvians. Because of its popularity, it has become an icon in opinion trends in the country, so the responsibility on its shoulders is not small.

Music Stations

Studio 92 (Lima: 92.5 FM, Arequipa: 107.7 FM, Trujillo: 97.5 FM): In Studio 92 you can find the best hits of rock and pop, hip-hop and Latin. You can also find very original live shows with the best music selections and discussions by the best announcers and hosts in the media. In social networks you can also find the communities of this station and be aware to participate in the various contests that are organized. This is one of the best broadcasters that integrate the participation of the audience and take into account their requests.

Moda (Lima: 97.3 FM, Arequipa: 89.5 FM, Trujillo: 89.1 FM): Moda is one of the favorite stations for young people who prefer genres to dance like cumbia, salsa and reggaeton. In this station you can find live shows that are quite popular. You can listen to this station live, in addition to participating in the different contests, choose your favorite song of the week or send greetings to your friends while you’re listening live.

Planeta (Lima: 107.7 FM, Arequipa: 95.1 FM): It is specialized in music in English and here you can find genres such as rock, pop, hip-hop, ballads and much more enjoying the hits of the big groups of the moment and of all times. Its musical selection is perfect for the youngest lovers of the classics and for the older ones who grew up listening to them. But the newest releases can not be missed in Planeta’s emission either.

Oasis (Lima: 100.1 FM): In this station the classics are fashionable. In it you can find the great hits of rock and pop of the 80's and 90's and relive one of the best times that has existed. Among the most outstanding artists you can find are Guns n Roses, Nirvana, Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many others. Currently, Oasis has become a classic, as well as the tracks it broadcasts.