Most Popular Radio Stations In Colombia

Radio Colombia

Colombia has a geographical location that makes it a very varied cultural convergence. Located in the north of South America, it has the best of South and Central America due to its proximity to the Caribbean Sea. Bogota being its capital and with a population of almost 50 million (49.07). Radio is still one of the most used media by Colombians, the adaptation to streaming platforms keeps it more alive than ever. If you want to know more about the radio world of this country, here are the most listened stations, these being Spanish speaking:

News Stations

RCN (Bogotá: 93.9 FM, Cali: 980 AM, Medellín: 990 AM): It is one of the longest running networks in the country, where you can stay informed of the most important events in the country and the world. Apart from having a signal on television, it is one of the most followed sources of news and opinion in the country and the region.

Blu Radio (Bogotá: 89.9 FM, Medellín: 97.9 FM, Cali: 91.5 FM): Although its transmission began only in 2012. This is already one of the most listened to stations currently. While its main strength is the news, it also offers spaces for music and sports that can not go unnoticed. Blu Radio still has a long time to continue growing and become one of the most important radio stations in the country.

Caracol Radio (Bogotá: 100.9 FM, Medellín: 90.3 FM, Cali: 104.0 FM, Barranquilla: 90.1 FM): Caracol radio is a peek at the most important events not only nationally but also internationally. Its reputation and credibility has made it, over the years, one of the most respected sources of information not only in Colombia, but throughout Latin America. Not for nothing is one of the most recognized Spanish-speaking networks in the region.

Music Stations

La Mega (Bogotá: 90.9 FM, Medellín: 92.9 FM, Cali: 92.5 FM): This is the favorite station for young people in Colombia. It is the best place to find the most requested songs currently in any genre, rock, pop, reggaeton, electronica. It also has programs about entertainment and pop culture. It always has the presence of the most requested musicians and that has made it the base of music operations in the country.

Tropicana (Bogotá: 102.9 FM, Barranquilla: 89.1 FM, Cali: 90.5): This station presents a wide variety of the latin music that you enjoy the most. Here you will find the classics that do not go out of fashion and you will discover the new hits of the moment. The most popular groups are always present in their tuning, but there is always room for the new artists that are emerging in the music scene.

Other Popular Stations in the country

W Radio (Bogota: 99.9 FM, Barranquilla: 97.6 FM, Cali: 95.5 FM): Broadcasting since 1969, it is usually presented as a news network, but W Radio presents much more than that. It has a prestige that sets it apart from other stations in Colombia, thanks to its long history and presence in the country. You can find the most varied and current music, spaces of political and social opinion, comedy, traffic reports and the most diverse programs that adapt to the tastes of all.