Top Radio Stations in Brazil

Radio Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and the fifth largest in the world. Although many believe that its capital of Rio de Janeiro, for being the most famous city, it is actually Brasilia. Brazil is the venue of one of the most popular tourist events in the world, which is the Carnival, so every year receives thousands of tourists from all over the world. The radio in Brazil is a very clear reflection of its identity, where the musical stations abound, with Bossa Nova and Samba being the most listened to. It is a country that rejoices joy and its expressions can not be contained.

Music Stations

Antena 1 (Brasilia: 93.7 FM, Rio de Janeiro: 103.7 FM, São Paulo: 94.7 FM): This station has been changing its identity a bit over the years since 1975, but it has never stopped being based on music. Currently, he alternates long blocks of music with small blocks of news, advertisements and entertainment. More than anything we can listen to current and global music, since Antena aims at the younger audience.

Metropolitana FM (São Paulo: 98.5 FM): This station offers the most varied and updated musical selection for young audiences. Metropolitana has always focused on creating special content for teenagers and young adults, which is why it strives to compile the most listened to songs of the moment inside and outside of Brazil. It does not leave behind the classic or traditional music either.

News Stations

Radio Globo (Rio de Janeiro: 98.1 FM, São Paulo: 94.1 FM): It was inaugurated in 1944 by a renowned Brazilian journalist, it is currently one of the most lasting signs in the history of this country and one of the main sources of information. Its programming has been integrating sections of more varied content such as entertainment and opinion. It is the best option to stay informed of all the national events.

Jovem Pan (Brasilia: 750 AM, São Paulo: 620 AM and 100.8 FM): Jovem Pan is one of the oldest stations that still emits its signal in AM frequency. Since its launching, its objective has been to keep the Brazilian citizen aware of the entire social and political landscape in the region and in the world. The most renowned journalists have emerged from its programs. If you do not feel like listening to news only, you can also enjoy its spaces for musical selection, sports reports and its blocks related to fashion, film and television.

Other Popular Stations

Radio Bandeirantes (Rio de Janeiro: 1360 AM, São Paulo: 840 AM and 90.9 FM, Porto Alegre: 94.9 FM): The extension of the Bandeirantes signal is so extensive that it reaches the most remote areas of Brazil like Amazonia and even beyond its borders. You can not define its type of programming with a word, since you will find news, transmissions of football soccer matches (the most important sport in the country), varied sections of music, talk shows and an endless list of popular announcers. No matter what time of day you tune in, your programming will get you hooked.