Most Listened Radio Stations in UK

Radio United Kingdom

When we talk about radio in the United Kingdom, we talk about many decades of history, since the first radio broadcasts date back nearly 100 years. UK can not be synonymous with anything other than the biggest bands that have emerged, The Beatles, The Rollings Stones and Oasis, to name a few. Not to be confused with England, since it is also composed of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and 66 million inhabitants. Many British radio networks have expanded so much that they have branches all over the world and have become icons of global communication.

Music Stations

BBC Radio 1 (London: 97.7 FM): The British Broadcasting Corporation was the company par excellence responsible for giving radio service to the English population. Today it has dozens of substations throughout the UK and in many countries around the world. Radio 1 focuses on current pop music and some rock, as well as music and news documentaries. Directed to a mostly young audience. You can say that this is the cool younger brother of the BBC network. 

Heart Radio (London: 106.2 FM, Cardiff: 105.4 FM, Edinburgh: 100.8 FM)): Heart is a chain of adult contemporary stations, broadcasting since 1994 and it has become the favorite choice of the most mature audiences. It offers content aimed at listeners between 25 to 54 years. So we can hear many hits from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, where R & B, classic rock and old school pop will prevail. Apart you can enjoy interesting blocks of opinion and talk shows about more adult topics.

Capital FM (London: 95.8 FM, Cardiff: 103.2 FM, Edinburgh: 105.7 FM): Here you will have access to the most recent hits of the moment. Capital offers a Top 40 that is constantly updated with the most popular music and trend. The best artists and bands are gathered in this selection that aims to keep you updated always. Pop, folk, hip-hop, trap, no matter the genre, in Capital you will surely find it.

Classic FM (London: 100.9 FM, Swansea City: 101.3 FM, Edinburgh: 101.7 FM): As we mentioned, in the United Kingdom music is an important symbol of culture, where many genres coexist, but classical music has never been left behind. That's why stations like Classic are more alive than ever, offering the most refined music selection on the radio.

News Stations

BBC Radio 4 (London: 92.5 FM): Formerly called BBC Home Service, the fourth division of the BBC focuses mainly on news and events, presented in talk show format and it has the participation of the most awarded journalists and announcers. When news is not being broadcast, you can find incredible programs that cover topics such as religion, books, science, history, arts and humor.

Sports Stations

TalkSPORT (London: 1089 AM, Newcastle: 1071 AM): This station is based on discussion, narration and sports news 24 hours a day. It has become particularly popular for broadcasting matches of the Premier League, the first division of English football. It also offers the results of different local and global sporting events, programs where experts discuss different topics of the world of sports and sections of interest for people who are part of the fitness and healthy lifestyle.